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Hosted by Dianna Hart


10 Things You Need to Know To Ensure
A Successful EV Charging Installation


Thursday, Sep. 7 | 10am PT/1pm ET

The future is EVs (electric vehicles).

But installing EV charging infrastructure and stations are not without challenges and pitfalls. The process is complex, and if not strategized and planned properly, can be unnecessarily time consuming and cost ineffective.

Join us for a fascinating discussion about how to do it right to achieve your business objectives.

EV charging provides an opportunity to differentiate by offering a real, substantive convenience to a growing market demand. It also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability that will attract environmentally conscious consumers. Other reasons businesses consider offering EV charging include:

  • Wanting to attract additional customers;
  • Extending customers’ dwell time as they wait for charging;
  • Increasing store revenue, or increasing revenue from charging for the EV service itself.

Register today for this Fexa Network presentation and learn:

  • Why you should consider implementing an EV charging solution for your customers;
  • How to deploy EV charging solutions effectively and successfully;
  • The general costs of deploying Level 2 and Level 3 DC fast charging stations;
  • The potential value of an EV-charging amenity for your business.



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Join us on Sep. 7 as the Fexa & Friends Network speaks to Steve Turner, a business strategist with GPD Group. Bring your questions for Steve and take advantage of this rare opportunity to discuss ensuring the success of an EV-charging installation for your business.


About GPD Group
GPD Group is a leading architectural and engineering services company that offers specialized services in the assessment, due diligence, planning and implementation of EV charging infrastructure, and has designed more than 2,000 charging sites and 18,000 posts for companies across the U.S.