Effective Communication for User Adoption

Facilities management work across multi-location businesses is both strategic and essential to the business.  Effective communication throughout the workflow can be your secret weapon for success.

effective communications drives adoption and compliance


Facilities management requires execution and planning that starts with taking a big picture view through to attending to the most tedious details.  Effective communication is critical throughout the work to drive productivity and desired outcomes.  A well-designed facility management workflow incorporates critical specifications or knowledge sharing right into the workflow.  A software platform that can support communications through automation combined with personalization (right communications channel based on role, etc.) drives up user adoption and ultimately overall efficiency and effectiveness.


Effective communication to drive up adoption. 


At the core of successful software adoption is the ease of use.  And ease of use is sort of like beauty.  You know the saying, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  Like beauty, you cannot judge ease of use objectively – it is subjective to each person who engages as part of getting quality facilities work done.  

Just a sampling of some examples of essential communications features that can support user adoption include:

Unique Role-based views.  Expose only the relevant information that a particular user needs to access to get their job done.

Example:  Store managers only need to see when and who is showing up to do the work, not all of the details of proposals and pricing that the centralized FM team conducts.

Visual design that is intuitive to navigate.  Today’s software users are sophisticated connoisseurs of good design because, as consumers, they interact with software every day.  

Example:  Layout and colors specifically help guide the users’ eyes to what they are looking for like the UPCOMING VISITS button, quick access to OPEN WORK ORDERS, and more.

Help features that are right where you need them.  Today’s users expect search that delivers answers when and where they need it most.

Example:  “Google” like search query for the string “Plumbing” responds with plumbing vendors, open plumbing work orders, and more as you continue to type.

Enabling the end goal. 


Communications tools and strategies incorporated into the facilities management workflow are critical for achieving the ultimate end goal for facilities teams and their partners.  The end goal is of course getting the work done efficiently, effectively, and at the level of quality that the brand and business demands.  An effective communication strategy executed on a modern software solution yields real savings for the business.  Benefits including – saved time, avoidance of rework, and accelerated adoption.  Facilities management across multi-location industries is both strategic and essential.  Communication tools just make everything better and easier!

Are you still wrangling with facilities solutions that force you into workarounds – wasting your time in rigid systems?  Or do you consistently field complaints from your store managers about the software?  Or even worse, do they just not adopt it and call your teams or initiative work in ways that are less efficient, consistent, or compliant with your goals?  We would love to show you how Fexa can help.