Operating in new normal of COVID-19 Era for Facilities

Operating in new normal of the COVID-19 era presents new challenges for resilience and innovation by facilities management teams.  Listen to the replay of this engaging webinar and learn from these facilities management leaders about how they are tackling the challenges and innovating to thrive as required.

What are retailers doing about fitting rooms?  How are you handling returns? Who is going cashless?  What are the items to think about when reopening?  What are the new CDC rules surrounding cleaning?  Check out our discussion surrounding The New Normal: Opening and Operating in the COVID-19 Era to hear some of these timely insights.  A big shout out to our panelists who did an outstanding job articulating their ever-changing process and goals!

  • Pat Bacigalupo, Gap
  • Sean Coakley, Weight Watchers
  • Jon McCurdy, goPuff
  • Julianne McFarlin, Tesla
  • Tyler Stenton, Crate & Barrel
  • Josh Witte, Ross 
  • Amanda Procida, Kathy Ford, Ben Gibbons of Professional Retail Services 
  • Amber Terry, Superclean

You can view the video recording here and see a Reopening Checklist provided by PRS here. We are committed to always adding value. Be sure to check out other articles on how fexa is helping our customers. Please follow us on LinkedIn for future content and updates from Fexa. Stay safe!