Understanding the TRUE Total Cost of Facilities Work

10 Key Considerations for evaluating cost and quality tradeoffs for Facilities Management models.

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Getting to the Truth About Savings

The pressure to do more with less for you is very real, but are the promises of savings really true?  Evaluating solutions with a true total cost of facilities work mindset is important.
Is your software vendor taking care of their bottom line or taking care of yours?

Technology as an Enabler

The right modern technology platform is agile and flexible to adapt to today’s dynamic environment without custom coding expenses.


Do the new options force you into workarounds?  Is the solution intuitive to use so training costs and adoption are smooth and easy?


Are you being enticed with promises of significant savings? Dig deep into the proposed costs/quality tradeoffs & metrics to understand the “true” costs.

Industry and business imperatives create both an urgency and opportunity for multi-location businesses.  Find a trusted partner that has your interest not their own to finding opportunities for optimization in your facilities management work.

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