COVID-19 Updates and Resources

COVID-19 Updates and Resources


Fexa provides facilities and operations teams an intuitive user interface to a flexible and smart suite of software and tools supported by an innovative, knowledgeable, and supportive team.



Intuitive role-based interface


Automated user- friendly alerts and communication


Design that makes everyone more efficient

Role Based User Interface

Enhance user efficiency through the customizable interface – give them just what they need.

Smart Automated Triggers & Alerts

Tailor comms  – email, SMS, texts, images, or docs – to suit user preferences for adoption.

Multiple Browser Tab Options

Give power users multi-tasking super-powers w/real-time access to various lists of data at once.

Clean Modern Material Design

Accelerate your time to value by leveraging the Fexa design that is easy to learn & easy to use.

Real Time Geo Visibility

Assign vendors optimally  – travel time & geo availability – thru Google Maps integration.

Lists & Enhanced Grid Views

Navigate the day to day or the exceptions with ease and speed via persistent lists.

Related Jobs & Small Project Details

Create multi-trade projects w/triggers & dependencies across multiple work orders.

Integrated Help & Ticket Submission

Get support when and where you need it – right in the platform. Even customize for your team.

Customize Triage Guidance

Avoid duplicate WOs and unnecessary dispatch expenses with customizable options.



Leverages best of "best" practices with your unique practices


Designed for change when your business needs it


Embraces optimization as a continuous process

Best Practices as a Starting Point

Avoid time-consuming workarounds with best practices that can be easily adapted.

Resilient & Configurable

Tackle new challenges & opportunities with flexible workflow configuration.

All Your Data - A Click Away

Access your data with ad-hoc queries & sophisticated search to get the answers you need – fast!

Customizable Hierarchies

Organize system based on unique structure or business model including locations w/in locations.

Hierarchies for Business Requirements

Support business changes (pandemics, mergers, reorgs) thru hierarchical config options.

Real-time Vendor ScoreCards

Achieve quality outcomes & continuously optimize thru access to vendor KPIs.

Custom Fields & Triggers

Manage unique aspects of your business with fully integrated custom fields & triggers.

Robust API Integrations

Bust org silos & accelerate efficient collaboration with APIs designed for today & the future.

Asset & Preventative Maintenance

Save time and money through smart asset management & maintenance programs.



Modern software architecture and design under the hood


Extensible from simple to complex work requirements


Enterprise scale & sophistication built-in

Smart & Intuitive Communications

Give your email users a way to update work orders right from their email in real-time.

Ingest Data from Range of Sources

Create triggers to & from other systems – like IT, or IoT devices, or real estate data bases.

Cloning Repeatable Workflow

Create a new complex workflow – ex. new store readiness – and easily clone across locations.

Complex Project Relationships

Track work and spend against complex multi-trade projects such as store reconfigurations.

Progress Based Billing & Tracking

Stay on top of programs & projects with accruals for progress based billing.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Manage your customers’ satisfaction with AI-driven sentiment analysis.

Sophisticated User Permissions

Manage each user’s capabilities & access with customizable permission sets.

Business Rule Driven Logic

Avoid human error by using automated workflow & triggers driven by business logic.

Comprehensive Status Options

Manage status beyond just “open” or “closed” – for greater effectiveness & better outcomes.

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Software designed for you.
Easy to learn and easy to use.

Fexa is purpose-built to be highly flexible, adapting to meet your needs, not the other way around.


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