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10 Things You Need to Know to Ensure A Successful EV Charging Installation

The future is EVs (electric vehicles), but setting up charging infrastructure is challenging and expensive if not strategized properly. This show, featuring Steve Turner, EV infrastructure strategist from GPD Group, discusses the promises and pitfalls of EV infrastructure installation, and offers real-world advice for companies thinking about investing in this technology.

AI, Machine Learning and Algorithms in Facility Management

In this show, hosted by Simone Samms from ENTOUCH, you’ll learn how retailers are increasingly harnessing AI and ML to enhance operational efficiency, find new ways to optimize and save, and aggregate data holistically to make better, faster business decisions to gain a competitive edge.

Mitigating Risk When Hiring and Managing Service Providers and Contractors

Hiring service providers and contractors comes with inherent business risks that must be carefully managed. This show discusses all aspects of contractual risk transfer, what it means, what it costs, what does “hold harmless” mean, certificates of insurance and how to read and understand them.

AI Series Pt. 1: Compliance, Sustainability and ESG Reporting

Organizations must evolve with the ever-changing regulatory landscape of compliance, sustainability and ESG reporting. In this show, we address the intricate interplay of these critical areas, highlighting why understanding AI’s influence is essential for organizations aiming to navigate regulatory complexities, enhance sustainability practices, and make significant strides in reducing carbon emissions.

How California’s Climate Accountability Act May Impact Disclosure Requirements for Your Company

The new California laws, SB 253 & SB 261, will establish the first climate-related accountability and financial risk disclosure requirement in the United States. The two bills will have a ripple effect on buildings and HVAC/R owners and operators everywhere – even those operating outside of California. This show discusses the implications of the Act, and how businesses can effectively adapt.

Which Service Model is Best For Your Facilities Maintenance Program?

While some companies rely on their own staff, many corporations engage with third-party service partners to manage and implement a comprehensive facility management program. Third-party suppliers might self-perform, outsource the work or utilize a hybrid model. Which option is best for your portfolio? The Fexa & Friends Network interviews the professionals from CSM to discuss various service delivery models, the pros and cons of each, and considerations for which might be the best fit for your organization.

What You Need To Know About Assets, Inventory and Barcoding

Many asset-heavy organizations are considering implementing a barcode-based system to track and manage inventory. Is this a good choice for your organization? The combination of reduced labor costs, improved accuracy, and enhanced efficiency leads to overall cost savings. In this Fexa & Friends Network Show, we’ll examine:

What’s the overall benefit to implementing a barcode system
What choices need to be considered
Should companies outsource or self-perform
How to get maximum value out of an inventory project

EPA’s AIM Act: How Changes in HFC and Refrigerant Rules Affect Your Company

The EPA is stepping in to ensure enough recycled HFCs are available, requiring better tracking of HFC containers and stricter labeling to prevent leaks. This show focuses on the recycling and handling of HFCs used in air conditioning, refrigeration and cylinder tracking, and labeling requirements for equipment. In this program, we examined these new regulations, including the management of refrigerant-updated labeling responsibilities.

How to Create an Impactful First Impression With Your Landscaping

Landscaping is the first impression a customer experiences, but it’s often neglected in budget and priority, potentially damaging the brand. This Fexa & Friends Network Show explores what to include in your landscaping RFP and tips and tricks to keep your landscaping looking its best!


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