From repairs to maintenance to compliance…

Now you’re always a step ahead.TM

Fexa is the most advanced & flexible facility management software on the market.

Fexa is how facility managers at multi-site companies keep every location running smoothly.

With a comprehensive software platform that bends to your operational needs, you can always stay a step ahead.

Say goodbye to the never-ending to-do list.

Whether you’re chasing down work orders, responding to escalations, or defending your budget, it’s impossible to get ahead of it all when you’re constantly dealing with workarounds caused by rigid systems.

What if you could…

Get everything in order

Now you’re never slowed down by manual tasks and limited tools.

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  • Create multi-trade work orders with triggers & dependencies
  • Hands-off scheduling & tracking
  • Faster resolutions with automatic escalations of emergencies
  • Compliance checks & automatic flags
  • Stay ahead of changing regulations with our comprehensive refrigerant management solution, TrakRef

Meet every unique need

Get a platform that adapts to your business, no matter how large or complicated it gets.

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  • Configure workflows, no custom code required
  • Create, track, and report on custom fields
  • Exceptions-only notifications, scheduled messages, custom templates, and embedded links
  • Tailor permissions based on roles – from vendors to store operations to FMs
  • Templates for repeatable programs like store openings, taking stores dark, reconfiguring layouts, etc.

See every opportunity

Work with data and analytics that’s more configurable to your goals.

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  • Track and analyzeperformance with vendor scorecard
  • NTE and invoice analysis
  • Make repair-or-replace decisions with real-time data on asset health
  • HVAC/R assets status on refrigerant leak rates and maintenance history
  • Optimize labor resources with employee performance reports measured against SLAs
  • Create regional and store-specific budgets with real-time tracking

Find out why so many leading multi-location brands rely on us.

Why Clients Love Fexa

"Fexa has a very unique ability to design their system to best suit your needs. It’s customizable, user-friendly, and the team is very hands-on. (...) We’re very pleased and we have no plans of changing."

Damian Smeragliuolo Jr.
Retail Facilities Maintenance Manager, Eyemart Express

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Create workflows that actually work for your business

Don’t mold your repair and maintenance program to software. Mold software to your way of doing business. A repair and maintenance program should be a competitive differentiator. Choose software that makes your business more unique.


technician with W O assigned
Main functionalities of Fexa


No more chasing work orders

Fexa’s modern automation and communications capabilities saves money, time, and headaches. Generating work orders, managing projects, evaluating assets, and scheduling preventative maintenance has never been easier or more intuitive.


See every savings opportunity

Fexalytics, our proprietary reporting engine, gives managers to VPs the data and trends needed to make better business decisions. Repair and maintenance budgets and decisions should never live in a black box. Gain freedom through accurate reporting.



Where multi-site operators and service providers collaborate

When it comes to finding the right provider, data is only part of the story.

FexaLink is a completely different type of provider network, built from the ground up with collaboration in mind, not fees and blind data comparison.

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Say goodbye to the never-ending to-do list.


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