Smart Automations & Effective Communications to Enhance Compliance

Facilities management work requires balancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while concurrently meeting compliance standards. Strategic use of automated compliance triggers and compliance-focused communications can contribute to success.

smart automations and effective comms for compliance


Facilities management software solutions facilitate enhancements to compliance when they support smart triggers and effective communications of requirements.  The typical job description for a facilities manager includes a dizzying number of requirements.  Job requirements include oversight of contract financial compliance, regulatory compliance,  technical compliance, and more.  Getting to the most efficient and cost-effective outcomes for facilities work while concurrently meeting all compliance standards can be enabled through the strategic use of automated compliance triggers and compliance-focused communications.  

“Smart” triggers go beyond just process steps that trigger simple rote status updates from pending to open to closed.  Smart triggers take advantage of automation that is informed by specific data and business rules.  In turn, these triggers can kick off additional processes, initiate changes and updates to data, and send out notifications based on additional business rules.  Fexa customers consistently share with us that they enhance adherence to compliance requirements, reduce rework, and increase the overall productivity of the entire facilities team when leveraging these types of automation and notification.


Effective communication & compliance automation to drive results. 


Since the inception of the facilities management function, resilience has been at the core.  Things change.  Stuff happens.  It is only natural to turn to communications features to convey new requirements for compliance of all types.  We have all had the experience of knowing we got “the memo” on how to do something in a dynamic environment, only to find that we have no idea where that memo (email, text, etc.) is when we need it.  Effective information sharing happens when the recipient gets clear and concise instruction via the most appropriate channel at the specific time in which they need it the most. 

A sampling of how compliance automation and communications features can support requirements include:

Multi-channel notification options to convey instruction.  Communication choices are important for personalization – SMS/Text, email, embedded lists, Interactive Voice Response, and more.  Business rules can be used to increase the frequency of communications or trigger escalations as required.

Example: Field workers benefit from texting as a channel for notifications and reminders of compliance requirements prior to arrival on site.  Failure to check-in or acknowledge requirements within a set time of arrival could trigger further escalations via email or other notification channels.

Clarifying and setting expectations with checklists. When integrated strategically into the workflow, checklists can be a very effective means to instruct or remind resources of specific requirements.

Example: Pre-trip checklists provided upon assignment and customized by region-specific requirements can be incorporated as reminder communications. In some cases, teams may want to require sign-off and acknowledgment prior to proceeding to conduct work.

Automated reminders and tools. Using data and business rules, initiate notifications that communicate reminders that certain compliance activities need to occur prior to allowing the work order to advance to the next status.

Example: Work orders incorporate triggered communication reminders about a compliance requirement – like attaching an image. “Smart” triggers identify that the attached image is missing and notify the technician as well as require compliance before a status change can occur.

Enabling the end goal. 


Communications tools and smart triggers in a facilities management software solution are critical for facilities teams to effectively and efficiently manage a wide range of compliance objectives.  Creating communications and triggers that are dynamic based upon the business rules drive consistency of execution and eliminate costly errors and rework.  Achieving enhanced compliance through efficient automation and effective communications tools can drive significant savings while maintaining quality outcomes.  

We are pretty passionate about helping our facilities management community get better results.  Helping you tap into the smart features of Fexa software so that you can do more, do it better, and do it with less is what we think about all of the time.  We would love to speak with you about how Fexa could help you enhance your processes and manage important compliance requirements.