Dashboard views that work for you

We know that the life of a facility manager can be, at times, stressful and harried.  We also appreciate that every organization runs a bit differently, and every one of our wonderful customers has a unique way to tackle their daily routine.

Unique Views that Work for You


We all learn differently, and we all take a different approach to organizing and tackling our workday.  Having a facility management solution that offers flexibility to provide unique dashboard views in support of different roles is table stakes for a good solution.  But taking it a step further, a solution that can be modified to best support each individual’s perspective of an optimized working dashboard is even better to keep the facilities management machine running.  

Seasoned facilities managers have developed their own coping strategies to manage the myriad of tasks from the complex to simple and the urgent to important and everything in between.   And the best facilities management team members know that no matter how organized they are, they must also be highly resilient.  A perfectly planned day full of preventative maintenance and project work can easily be disrupted beyond recognition when one or more of the business’ remote locations face an unexpected challenge or emergency.   

A solution that supports unique customizable views.

A solution that allows for and supports unique views into the work should enable a facility professional to move seamlessly between proactive and reactive work.   Being able to organize one’s work portal to stay on top of work at varying stages of completion and urgency – grouped according to unique work preferences – is facilitated by the feature that allows you to establish persistent list views. These sortable custom grid views can be configured by the user to incorporate the fields and columns that they choose.  Then, the lists can be named and saved (e.g., Open Work Orders for SE Region as an example).  In the future, when you need the same data, it is always a hyperlink away!

Dashboard views that go beyond for the power-users.

Additionally, power users have shared that they like the fact that they can combine custom grid views with multiple browser tabs for an even more helpful efficiency booster.  One facility manager shared with us that it was part of his routine to sit down at his desk each morning with his first cup of coffee in hand and open up a series of saved persistent lists in separate browser tabs.   He could then move systematically between the browser tabs and tackle the day’s work.    And inevitably, should an urgent issue come up, he could simply open up a new tab relating to the critical work order.  When the crisis was under control, he could always quickly resume his proactive work in the other browser tabs – a simple refresh, and they were up to date in real-time.

Thinking like our customers.

Since the Fexa team grew up in facilities management and maintenance business, we have made it a point to think like our customers when designing our software.  And it is that combination of little things – designed for and by folks who know facilities management – that add up to a lot of saved time and saved money!  To see more of these, check out this page.

We would love to show you these features in action and discuss what might be most helpful to make your work easier!