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New York, NY – 17 January 2019: Facilities Exchange, the leader in Enterprise Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), announced today that after recently expanding its product portfolio, it has officially changed its name to Fexa.

The company is proud to offer a fully revamped product that provides a seamless experience for all users, or a ‘facilities exchange for all.’ This commitment is reflected in the new company name, Fexa, which is now in production and is serving both retailers and vendors.

“Our vision for a seamless exchange between operators and vendors has come to fruition with the introduction of Fexa,” says Founder and CEO Marc Balzamo. “We now serve all parties with our cutting-edge technology and value-driven approach.”

Since its inception in 2011, Facilities Exchange led the facilities management technology charge with its legacy CMMS platform, designed for national and regional vendor companies. Balzamo’s greatest ambition was always to help clients serve their customers with greater ease and personalization, and he learned through the years that pain points still existed.

After listening to user feedback and conducting a comprehensive industry analysis, Balzamo decided to develop Fexa. The product boasts a modern interface with colorful widgets and a material design philosophy.

“Facilities Managers (FMs) are suffering from rising costs with a clunky interface and a ‘one-size fits all’ process,” Balzamo states. “Finally, there is an easy-to-use tool that can be customized to their needs and is competitively priced. Fexa is the only facilities management software out there that gives our clients a true competitive edge, precision of product, and speed of delivery.”

“When Fexa presented its solution, what they call the ‘Trifexa’ of cost, time and quality was a pivotal point in our conversation,” says loyal Fexa client Connie Jon of Ted Baker London. “Fexa isn’t just a software company. They are a team that brings real-world solutions for FMs because they have walked in our shoes and understand our day to day headaches.”

Fexa is only the beginning. The company will continuously develop smart features and build a community of forward-thinking companies. In Spring 2019, Fexa will host its first annual Innovation Summit, where it will bring together users of the software to discuss use cases, feature requests, and promote overall camaraderie.

“We treat all users as partners. Which is why we don’t charge retail vendor users, and why we continuously promote the joining of all stakeholders to drive innovation and collaboration,” says Balzamo. “This company started in the spirit of challenging the status quo, and the introduction of Fexa sets a new high bar. We’re proud of the success, and already have our ambitions set on surpassing what we and our clients think is possible.”

“I no longer feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train,” says delighted Fexa client Jeanne Timko of Eyemart Express. “I have finally found my facilities technology team.”

To see more of the company’s new branding, visit fexa.io.


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Established in 2011, Fexa began with an Enterprise CMMS product Facilities Exchange, which focused on supporting National and Self-Performing vendors. After years of leading the industry with innovative vendor solutions, Fexa launched its latest product as a response to overwhelming demand for a fresh, easy to use, and highly intelligent solution for retailers, operators, and property managers. Developed with smart functionality and designed with the end-user in mind, Fexa is a CMMS that is smart from the start. The future of facilities intelligence is here. Learn more at www.fexa.io.

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