USE CASE: How Smart Facilities Software Can Save You $350K on a SnowDay

Avoid or reduce the financial exposure of safety risks in your stores. Taking advantage of the smart features of facilities management software helps mitigate risks. 


USE CASE: How Smart Facilities Software Can Save You $350K on a SnowDay

Avoid or reduce the financial exposure of safety risks in your stores. Taking advantage of the smart features of facilities management software helps mitigate risks. 



facilities management software helps mitigate risks


Close your eyes.  Imagine a typical day in January in the Northeast or midwest.  A snowstorm has blown through, not a huge one, just a typical one.  Can you hear the slosh slosh slosh of shoppers bundled up in toboggans and gloves and heavy coats entering the store? 

If you are in store operations or facilities, you know it’s time to up your risk prevention game in order to keep the floors from becoming slippery hazards for your employees and guest.  This is critical job one – without this effort, you are more vulnerable to be charged with negligence should someone be injured.  A typical slip and fall incident settlement can cost a company about $350,000 on average in settlement charges.  Facilities software can mitigate risk if it supports smart workflow, communications, and automation features.    


​When faced with a legal challenge related to slip and fall accidents, the legal team has to make the case that your business took reasonable steps to eliminate the hazard. 

Proof includes things like:

Did the hazard condition (the slippery messy floor) exist long enough that a reasonable property owner could have taken an action to eliminate it?

Was there a policy and supporting procedure in place to routinely check for hazards on the property?  If so, was there a record of it being followed immediately preceding the accident?

Could the hazardous condition be made less dangerous through preventive measures such as placing adequate warning signage in the area or preventing access to the location?

Typically, this becomes even more challenging because legal is trying to gather the data for these cases 4-6 months after the actual occurrence.  Store staff changes and more create obvious barriers to easily recreating the situation if it was not captured properly when it happened.


So how does a smart facilities management solution mitigate this risk?

A smart facilities management software solution makes it easier to avoid incidents in the first place. And, if accidents do occur, it helps to minimize the resulting financial exposure for the company.

With a smart solution like Fexa in place, the ROI is in excess of 250% during the first year just by avoiding a single incident.  Fexa supports all of the following business requirements that enable this ROI including:

Facilitating clear communications of policies contextually when store operations need them the most.

 Guiding consistent execution of mitigation procedures through automation and prompts.

Providing prompted checklists to assure proper documentation is captured (photos, etc.)

And finally, capturing and reporting a comprehensive and defensible audit trail and automatically sharing it with legal in digital form should an incident still occur.



  • By avoiding just a single $350K settlement, achieve a ROI for using Fexa of 250% or more in the first year!


  • Leverage features of smart CMMS so that the facilities management software helps mitigate risks in all situations where store safety is compromised.


  • Easily establish and consistently execute a rigorous set of processes for improving safety and reducing risks across all locations.


  • Automatically build the digital audit trail to capture the execution of sound practices just in case they are needed.


  • Capture & share valuable data easily and automatically from Fexa between facilities and the legal team.


There are a lot of CMMS solutions on the market, but it takes a number of capabilities together to support this scenario, Fexa accomplishes this with a rich set of features including:

  • Custom workflow to support the companies unique policies and procedures;
  • Smart, data-driven automation that prompts and guides the workflow in the stores;
  • Contextual communications to support new employees through the processes embedded right in the platform when they have a need to know.
  • Triggered communications alerts that can be shared between facilities team and other functional organizations – like legal in this case.
  • Custom fields that can be used to categorize risk situations;
  • Proactive maintenance programs can be triggered based on knowledge of storm paths (snowstorms or hurricanes for example).

And, there is more, but the best way to help you determine how to take advantage of these features is to let us show you.  Let’s start the conversation today!

Let us show you how Fexa could help you achieve 250% ROI and mitigate your risks!