Re-Opening & Adapting in 2020: Webinar Recap

Thank you to our stellar panel from Ulta, Guitar Center, Hacienda Restaurants, McCoys, Solidcore, and North American Signs for an engaging discussion and sharing across our Facilities Management Community!  Check out the highlights and view the video here.

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Here are some highlights from the program:


Communications: Critical at Every Stage with Every Stakeholder

People may not remember what you say, but they will remember how you made them feel.

~ Kim Goei, COO Fexa


What are the rules?!  Clear, timely, targeted communications matters.


  • New role, front & center stage to help customers feel comfortable & confident in engaging with the brand;
  • Clear, simple, strategically placed signage makes a big difference;
  • Increasingly, as organizations settle into “new normal” more branded comms via their signage is emerging;


  • Setting & communicating clear guidelines from HQ in alignment with brand
    • When faced with varying requirements state by state – Guitar Center elected to go with strictest guidelines regardless of local variations;
    • Solidcore provided HQ guidance, but enabled Studio Level compliance based on local guidelines;
  • Lean in the direction of over-communication with customers to ease their concerns;
    • Leverage Loyalty program comms if you have them;
    • Use pre-visit emails (Fitness) for setting expectations;
  • Be specific with location staff around expectations  – e.g. masking required; cleaning protocols; customer engagement; etc.
  • Using Tech to manage the flow – e.g.  Waitlist Me App & texting;
  • Physical presence & strategic signage to manage crowd control at curbside, in the lobby, and eventually when dine-in resumed;
  • Floor tape to guide traffic flow throughout the experience;

We learned to control the flow … not let the flow control us!

~ Cody, Hacienda

* Learn more about Critical Communications best practices in this webinar from earlier in the month!

Adapting Fast:  Lessons Learned

  • When going from 15% to nearly 60% takeout overnight, adapting quickly is key to customer satisfaction!
    • Beef up phone answering staff
    • Use stations strategically to control flow – such as a Doordash /Grub Hub station, etc.
  • Retail Moving fast: When going from 0% to 98% Curbside pickup, provide clear protocols and support for your locations;
  • Balance attention to your e-commerce, curbside, and in-store plans & be prepared to easily shift between those engagement options at scale;

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning


  • Established a PPE Task force, setting guidelines and obtaining PPE for all locations;
  • Clear expectations for teams in stores, for example, employees know they are to be cleaning if they are not engaging with customers;
  • Use of hand sanitizing stations strategically placed around facilities;
  • Solidcore shared that they evaluated electro-static sprayers, but could not currently justify the ROI at this time;
  • Pay attention to any unique cleaning protocols or new standards for in-store experience:
    • Specific cleaning protocols for merchandise that must be experienced (aka. guitars);
    • Removal of all “testers” at Ulta;

Contact Tracing and Remediation

  • Be prepared.  Have a protocol for mitigating incidents established for the safety of employees & customers;
  • Encourage customers to notify store if they find out they have been exposed (Guitar center);
  • Centralize through Corp/HR the responsibility for managing the sensitive personal info around contact tracing and notification;
  • Innovate through creating an in-house team for remediations (McCoys shared how they saved money & standardized process).