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Considering Assets, Inventory and Barcoding?
The Top 8 Things You Should Know


Thursday, Nov. 16 | 10am PT/1pm ET

Many asset-heavy organizations are considering implementing a barcode based system to track and manage inventory. Is this a good choice for your organization?

Using a barcode process to scan assets into a CMMS / facility management database offers many advantages:

  1. Allows for equipment specific maintenance requests – vs generic: With a complete equipment inventory, any employee can scan the tag and create a work order tied to the specific piece of equipment – This allows the maintenance/contractor to respond with the correct parts and equipment.
  2. Warranty: With a complete equipment inventory that includes equipment tags, work orders can be compared to warranty information and routed thru OEM instead of maintenance contractor. This savings quickly covers the initial investment into the barcoding.
  3. Accuracy: Barcode scanning minimizes the risk of human errors, as accuracy is crucial for maintaining the integrity of asset records.
  4. Reduced Labor Costs: Barcode scanning reduces the need for manual data entry and associated labor. Over time, these labor cost reductions can be significant.
  5. Compatibility with CMMS: Barcodes can seamlessly integrate with CMMS systems. This integration simplifies asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and reporting, improving overall asset management.

The combination of reduced labor costs, improved accuracy, and enhanced efficiency leads to overall cost savings. In this Fexa & Friends Network Show, we’ll examine:

  • What’s the overall benefit to implementing a barcode system
  • What choices need to be considered
  • Should companies outsource or self-perform
  • How to get maximum value out of an inventory project

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Join us on Nov. 16 as the Fexa & Friends Network interviews special educators Chris Varney and Matthew Munter from Bureau Veritas as we discuss assets, inventory and barcoding.


CHRIS VARNEY: Chris Varney has more than 20 years of construction management experience in new concept and national expansion roll-out programs as both an owner’s representative and as a general contractor. Chris is responsible for overseeing well over 3,000 nationwide projects and programs annually, with values ranging from $2K to $100MM. Prior to joining Bureau Veritas, Chris served as a senior construction manager with Parkway Construction, where he completed more than 300 projects for national and regional restaurant, retail, and convenience store chains including McDonald’s, Wells Fargo, Furr’s Cafeterias, BJ’s Restaurant, Mobil Oil, Texaco, and 24-Hour Fitness.

MATTHEW MUNTER: Matt Munter is a professional mechanical engineer with over 30 years experience with facilities engineering. Matt is a Clemson U grad. Currently, Matt overseas Bureau Veritas’ asset management business which is focused on capital planning, maintenance engineering and long term facilities planning for institutional facility owners.  He has managed comprehensive architectural and engineering due diligence and capital planning services for K-12, higher ed, government, and private sector clients.



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