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Hosted by Dianna Hart


Extended EPA Oversight:
Mastering New Skills to Support the Refrigerant Lifecycle with New HFC Regulations


Thursday, Nov. 30 | 10am PT/1pm ET

Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are potent greenhouse gases that the EPA has been authorized to address by phasing down their production and consumption via the AIM Act.

New tracking and labeling compliance rules will impact your organization.

On Oct. 6, the EPA introduced new rules as part of the AIM Act, and is now stepping in to ensure enough recycled HFCs are available, requiring better tracking of HFC containers and stricter labeling to prevent leaks.

This Fexa & Friends Network Show will focus on the recycling and handling of HFCs used in air conditioning, refrigeration and cylinder tracking, and labeling requirements for equipment. In this program, we will examine these new regulations, including the management of refrigerant-updated labeling responsibilities.

Register today for this Fexa/Trakref Network presentation and learn about:

  • New cylinder management deadlines and requirements;
  • Post-use reclaims needs in 2028;
  • Labeling and tagging requirements needed to support the refrigerant chain of custody.

Trakref, a Fexa solution, provides resources and support to businesses of all sizes as they navigate complex HVAC/R and refrigerant climate regulations. Our mission is to ensure that businesses are well-equipped and informed to meet these new standards head-on.



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The educator for this presentation will be Ted Atwood, Fexa’s Chief Compliance and Sustainability Officer.

Ted has dedicated the past 30 years to reducing refrigerant leak rates. He founded Global Ozone Solutions in Eastern Europe, and co-founded RMS Solution in Houston, manufacturing high-volume refrigerant reclamation machinery for clients globally. In 1996, Ted established Polar Technology, developing 11 high-yield recycling plants in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, becoming a top recycling facility. He pioneered carbon market offset programs as a founding member of the Chicago Climate Exchange, recycling over 1000 tons of refrigerants yearly. He also founded Trakref, a Fexa solution, a blockchain-based compliance and sustainability software platform managing the lifecycle of refrigerants and HVAC/r systems.