With Fexa, you don’t need to bother with exporting data into spreadsheets to keep up with your data or do further analysis. Once you start using Fexa, you have a rich set of tools at your finger times to analyze important info and gain insights to continuously improve your business! 

With the Fexa app, your managers can coordinate your facility maintenance quickly and easily

Fexa gives you a better way than spreadsheet exports to analyze your facilities management data.  With smart grids and lists, you can decide how you want to view and analyze your data.  Furthermore, everyone in your org has different jobs – preventative vs reactive maintenance focus, Region A versus Region B, Store 101 vs Store 102, Warehouse 5 vs Warehouse 6 – you see what we mean.  Every role can have unique dashboard views and list views in Fexa – no professional services required.

With smart lists and grids, a day in your life inside of Fexa is organized just how you want it to be.  Furthermore, if you find yourself needing to do a deep dive on a particular vendor or set of vendors related to a trade every Friday, well, no problem!  In Fexa, you can create a list view and then save it as a persistent list – even name it Friday Vendor Check or Sam’s Vendor list – and it is always there for you!  Accurate, up to date in real-time.

Do you manage your facilities maintenance with spreadsheets and sticky notes? Or, are you using a facilities management solution that helps but just does not ever get you exactly the data you need when you need it? Or even worse, are you using a Facilities management solution from a vendor who charges you professional services fees to create reports and pull them for you? 

We get it.  We know how valuable those spreadsheets have been over the years.  The term “spreadsheet” can be found as early as 1952.  In 1979, the electronic spreadsheet was first implemented, and it completely revolutionized business as we know it.  IT CHANGED LIVES. 

Well, time keeps moving, and we move with it. Fexa understands your business and why all of those spreadsheets are important to you.  You don’t need to go back and forth between browser and spreadsheet screens to get what you need in Fexa! What’s the point of paying for a software that doesn’t make your life as easy as possible? Time is money people.

With Fexa, you don’t need to bother with spreadsheets; you can simply input your data into our software or mobile app and be done with it.  

But yes, in case you were wondering:

  • You can import your spreadsheets quickly and easily into Fexa.
  • Upon import, Fexa identifies your headers and confirms their meaning, allowing you to use your data as is.  
  • You can build a table, pivot table, chart, or pie chart directly in Fexa, and easily export into various file types.

Someone great probably once said, “One spreadsheet is one too many.” You know, probably.
Just guessing.

The past is the past, and the future is Fexa.