COVID-19 Updates and Resources

COVID-19 Updates and Resources


Dynamic & diverse market demands combined with technology enablers are resulting in new business models and innovations.  Multi-location enterprises of all types have facilities management requirements with unique attributes and priorities.

Efficiently manage and maintain your unique facilities – whether they are micro-fulfillment centers, land management operations, logistics centers, manufacture & assembly, or something else!

Deliver the goods & services with smart & flexible facilities management software that adapts & empowers your unique business needs – instead of forcing you to compromise with work-arounds.

Do more with less by leveraging modern software with smart automated workflow & communications to enhance compliance and contain costs.

Industry Specialty
Cost-effective and efficient management of multi-location enterprise facilities and the associated assets requires attention to unique details and a view of the big picture at once.  Disruption is everywhere and businesses old and new are realizing the returns of leveraging smart, flexible workflow automation and communications. Fexa was purpose-built with an understanding of the full life-cycle of management and maintenance of multi-location businesses. Smart and flexible workflow and automation are at the core of Fexa – we call it “Fexability.” The modern software that leverages the latest technologies but is easy to use is delivering significant efficiencies and costs savings across specialty businesses including manufacture/assembly, e-commerce distribution, land management operations, multi-tenant centers like airports and malls, and more. 
Check out all of the resources to explore how Fexa Facilities Management Software Solutions can meet and exceed your expectations.


Meet the challenges of dynamic demands of your business with speed and ease. Dynamic businesses require FM solutions that are flexible and adaptable to achieve business outcomes.

Ease of Use

Explore how to achieve best in class business outcomes with greater efficiency by leveraging an intuitive, role-based user interface, and modern software design.


Explore how smart automation and communications can contribute significantly to saving money while concurrently improving compliance and effectiveness for facilities teams.

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Fexa is purpose-built to be highly flexible, adapting to meet your needs, not the other way around.


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